Fair Art Festival – Copyright and Art Law

Fair Art Festival 2019: art law, cultural mobility and the functioning of the art market will take place between 25.-29. April in Prague. The international festival hosts a series of lectures and workshops about current issues within the art world by guest speakers from Rome and NYC. FAF is organised by Fair Art in partnership with ATI, UMPRUM, FAMU and Všehrd.

Fair Art is a non-profit organisation which brings together students, artists and lawyers, with the mutual aim of providing the contemporary Czech visual arts scene with the legal knowledge concerning artistic production. Alongside its educational activities, Fair Art also secures legal support for visual artists and art institutions.

This year's Fair Art Festival extends over the national boundaries of art and law. Three leading international scholars will present themselves and immerse the Czech audience into the complexities of art law.



25.4 - Luca Guidobaldi, an expert on intellectual property law in Rome, will give a lecture about authorship, appropriation, artistic freedom and Artificial Intelligence in art. The lecture will take place from 16:10 in room no. 115 at UMPRUM. Entrance is free.

26.4 - Matthew Covey hosts an interactive workshop aimed at cultural mobility, visa issues and the specifics of artists entering the American market. The workshop will take place from 10:00 at the Prague Creative Centre. Due to the limited capacity, reservation is required at martina@czechmobility.info.

29.4 - Kathryn E. Wagner, lawyer and director of the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in New York. Kathryn will give a lecture discussing how her organisation helps NYC artists grow their arts business with legal assistance, and will introduce major legal issues within the art world through a series of specific cases. The lecture takes place from 18:00 in room no. 300 at the Faculty of Law, Charles University. Entrance is free.

The lectures will be held in English, after which a discussion will follow.

The doors are open to all interested, not only from the world of art and law.

More information at www.fairartfestival.cz.