Our Fair Legal Clinic is a Czech equivalent of the already decade successfully operating program of our partner organization Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts in New York. It is aimed at improving the quality and availability of legal assistance for the contemporary art scene.


The Fair Legal Clinic is customised for the domestic legal environment and aims to provide an effective legal assistance to artists and art organizations. Fair Art cooperates with a network of renowned Czech lawyers, specialised attorneys and experts in copyright law, to ensure the best support.

The Clinic guarantees that (i) your legal problems will be solved by true professionals and simultaneously (ii) there won?t be any illegal procedure or unauthorised persons providing legal advice. Fair Art plays the role of a liaison and coordinator, legal advice is provided solely by the cooperating attorneys.

Our clients are mostly actively working artists, art schools or various institutions active in the art scene including galleries, museums and nonprofit organizations. Fair Art?s aims to make legal services available to the widest possible range of clients. Therefore each case is first handled by Fair Art members, who process it according to formalized procedures, and then allocate it to carefully chosen attorney. The system is thus saving both the advocate's time and the client's money.

Fair Art offers its clients a legal assistance in two basic modes:

A. Free legal assistance of an attorney (pro bono mode)
For this type of legal assistance are entitled those Fair Art clients, who are (i) individuals with annual income that did not exceed the total amount of 240.000,- CZK (pre-tax) the previous calendar year and (ii) all non-profit organizations. Meanwhile, pro bono mode covers only uncomplicated cases which do not require a comprehensive legal analysis of the advocate (eg. separate consulting of legal issues, review of standard contracts, matters related to the registration or changes in the public registers, etc.).

B. Pais legal assistance with a discount rate exclusively for Fair Art clients
This type of legal assistance is provided to all clients who do not qualify for the pro bono mode, and to all those, whose case's complexity goes beyond the basic scope. This mode includes the same Fair Art service like in the pro bono mode.

After the first meeting with our clients and hearing their problems, we inform them which one of these modes applies to them.

The application for the Fair legal assistance is easy:

  1. Contact Fair Art through our fair phone line 799 500 304, e-mail info@fairart.cz, skype: fairart.cz or in person at the building of the Foundation and Center for Contemporary Art at Strossmayer Square in Prague.
  2. A member of Fair Art will fill out an entry form with you and ask you for basic outline of your problem.
  3. Depending on the nature of your case, Fair Art will propose an attorney that is the most suitable for your case.
  4. If you agree with the proposal, Fair Art will arrange a meeting with selected lawyer, for which will Fair Art member prepare all supporting documents based on your input data.
  5. The following legal assistance of the attorney is already under his direction, and is determined by the needs of the case. Fair Art attorneys are ready to stay with you in a close contact, help you continuously and possibly even provide you with legal representation (e.g. in court proceedings).

Legal Clinic Live:
You can come see us on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 to 5 pm, at the Foundation and Center for Contemporary Arts Prague, Dukelských hrdinů 500 / 25a, Prague 7 (map).