Fair Contracts is an interactive application that enables users to create free and "customised" basic contracts. Our database has examples of agreements prepared in accordance with the provisions of the "new" Czech Civil Code, effective from January 1st, 2014.

The application "Fair Contracts" runs in test mode and so far is available in Czech only.


"Fair contracts" application allows users to create basic agreements without any registration and free of charge. The interactive form within web interface allows users to optimize document for individual cases and also makes the model contracts more accessible for those not yet familiar with the legal language.

If you want to create a customised contract, you can do it right now:

  1. Choose a type of contract, which best describes the nature of your case.
    • The Contract of Sale can be used to sell artwork or design product.
    • The Lease Agreement should be used to rent an artwork, eg. for temporary paid assignment to another person.
    • The Contract for Work can be used in a situation when the author creates an artwork based on specific request.
    • The License Agreement should be used if you want to determine the use of the artwork more specifically.
  2. After opening the application you will see the text of the contract with options for either filling information in or selecting some option. Pay special attention to the highlighted areas.
  3. Parts of the agreements, which we consider to be more complicated, are provided with explanatory notes. Click on the question mark icon or on the underlined words and the explanatory text will appear.
  4. After completing all the necessary information, you can download it in a PDF format.

Application Fair contracts is currently in a test mode and we are working on it's improvement. We will appreciate, if you send us your suggestions and comments for the improvement of the application to our email address: info@fairart.cz.

Please note: although these model contracts were created in collaboration with experienced lawyers, we advise you to use them primarily as examples, intended for the further adjustments. Therefore in specific cases we recommend you to consult a lawyer, for instance via Fair Legal Clinic.

Fair Art explicitly states it bears no responsibility for the use of these model contracts.